7 Tips to Save Money on Air Conditioning This Summer

While there are lots of things to look forward to in the summer months, the higher energy bills from your A/C working harder than usual is not one of them. But don’t sweat it! Check out these tips that will help you save money on your air conditioning costs.

  1. Invest in a Home Energy Audit

A home energy audit can help you save money over time by identifying areas in your house that might be losing energy (and money).The U.S. Department of Energy indicates you can save between 5 and 30% on your energy bill as a result of an energy audit and implementing the suggested changes.


  1. Keep the Light out to Keep the Cool in

While you might enjoy the cheerful sight of sunlight flooding into your living spaces, the reality is that it will heat up your home. Keep the sun out by closing blinds and drawing drapes. Do not limit yourself to just the indoors, though, you can add shade as well as character to your home with outside foliage. Blocking direct sunlight on the east and west sides of your home can result in up to $250 in energy savings annually!

  1. Don’t Generate Extra Heat

It can be surprising how much heat our everyday activities can generate. Clothes washers and driers, light bulbs and the oven will all raise the temperature of your home, making your AC work hard to cool down again. What a great excuse to to grill a tasty steak outside instead!

  1.  Don’t Set Your AC Unnecessarily Low

It sounds obvious, but consider setting your AC as high as possible - just a few degrees higher can result in savings over time. Keep this fact in mind: for every degree you raise your thermostat, you will save three to five percent on your monthly electricity bills.

  1. Get Smart With Your Thermostat

Another point about thermostats, there are all sorts of devices available to help take the hard work out of managing your heating and cooling settings. Programmable thermostats are a good place to start, allowing you to input a schedule so your AC isn’t working hard when it doesn’t need to.  Smart thermostats allow you to access your thermostat over the internet, so you can make changes while you are not in the home. Cool!

  1. Check and Change Your Filters

Checking and changing your AC filter is important to make sure your air conditioner is running as efficiently as possible. How often your filter needs to be changed can be dependent on several factors.  If you have pets, for example, you may need to change your filter more frequently.

         7. Tune and Clean Your AC Unit Regularly

As the old adage goes, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Invest in a health check of your AC in spring to make sure it’s in top-notch form before the heat hits.  Preventative maintenance up front can save expensive dollars in repairs down the road.

Saving money is always a good idea. One of the easiest and most effective ways you can do so is by following these easy steps for keeping your air conditioning in check. If you have questions on how to run your AC optimally, contact Sonoma County Comfort Heating and Air today. Our expert staff is here to help you.

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