HVAC Air Ducts: How Often Should They Be Cleaned?

With Summer just a stone’s throw away, it’s just about time to start using your home air conditioning full time again.  If it’s been awhile since you turned it on, you might be wondering about basic A/C maintenance.  While it is a good idea to have your unit checked out every year at the beginning of the season, some aspects of A/C maintenance follow a different timetable.  One detail that is very important, but can be tricky to know when to schedule, is getting your air ducts cleaned.

So, when should you get those ducts cleaned?  While there’s not a specific time frame, the general rule is that you should get it done once every three to five years.

Of course, that’s just a general guideline.  The actual answer can vary a great deal depending on your specific needs and situation.  There are many factors that might want you to consider getting your ducts cleaned sooner rather than later.  For example:


  • Medical conditions such as allergies or asthma
  • A suspicion of mold in your ductwork (which might be noticeable by the smell)
  • A recent vermin infestation, which could result in your ducts needing to be cleaned as well as inspected for holes
  • You notice a “poof” of dust when you turn on the A/C unit
  • A visual inspection that shows a buildup of contaminants in the air vent register, or around the air filter
  • Pets that shed fur and dander excessively
  • A newly built house, or
  • Recent remodeling or construction processes, which can result in dust and debris finding its way into your ducts


Depending on your home, any of these situation might make you consider getting your ducts inspected and cleaned quicker than the normal time frame.

Regardless of when you decide to get your ducts cleaned, you’re sure to enjoy the benefits, which include improvement in the overall air quality.  This makes it easier to breathe, and can provide relief to those who suffer from asthma and other respiratory conditions.

If you are thinking that it’s well past time to get your own unit inspected and cleaned, than please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.  Our trained professionals will inspect your system and give you a complete and thorough run-down of your system’s condition and what recommendations they have.  Please feel free to contact us today!

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