HVAC Benefits: 3 Reasons to Make the Switch


Central HVAC systems are pretty much standard for most new construction these days.  However, if you have an older home, or one that was custom-built, it’s possible that your home does not have central heat and air.

While open windows, window A/C units and thermal radiators in the room can provide relief from extreme heat and cold, you’ve probably learned over the years that they are not as effective or convenient as central units can be.  If you’re in this situation, and trying to decide if it’s worth it to install a central HVAC unit, read on for reasons why we think the answer is “yes”.

HVAC Units are More Wallet-friendly

So, it’s no secret that an HVAC system is going to cost a little bit of money to buy and have installed.  However, in the long run, that purchase could end up putting dollars back into your pocket.  While window units and space heaters are okay for controlling the temp in a small area, when you’re starting to think of long-term prospects (and an HVAC system is definitely a long-term prospect) you need to realize that heating and cooling your entire house takes a lot of energy, and separate units just aren’t able to handle this task efficiently.  The more energy it takes to heat your home, the more it will drive up your bills.  So, a central unit, which does a much more effective job of controlling your home’s temperature, can end up saving you money over time.

HVAC Units are more Convenient

As long as we’re talking about easing up your wallet, let’s go ahead and talk about easing up your life at the same time.  A central HVAC unit is so much more convenient.  Rather than having to constantly turn it on and off and adjust controls when you leave or enter a room, the maxim of “set it and forget it!” plays a role here.  Central units don’t need to be attended to constantly.  And, if you spring for smart devices like thermometers, they practically end up controlling themselves, which is just easier all around.

HVAC Units are more Reliable

The third thing you should know is that HVAC units are meant to last.  The decent units will come with a good warranty, a replacement parts plan, and a service plan.  And licensed techs are always easy to find.  That window unit you randomly bought from a store one day?  Who knows how long that will last.  And when it breaks, getting someone out to fix it just doesn’t make sense -- the service call would cost almost as much as a new unit, and they sure don’t come with service plans.  And what if you have three or four units?  Take that hassle and multiply it.  Who needs that kind of frustration?

While in the short-term it might seem easier to stick with what you’ve got, in the long run it just makes sense to switch.  If you’re thinking about making the change, we want to help.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us with questions about how we can help you be happy with a brand new HVAC system today!

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