HVAC Cleaning: What You Need to Know


Have you been thinking about whether or not your HVAC system needs cleaning? It’s possible you’ve noticed your ventilation system isn’t performing up to par. Or, maybe you’re concerned your family is inhaling invisible, yet harmful, particles.

It’s important you understand the ins and outs of HVAC cleaning and when it’s time to hire a local professional to do the work.

What gets cleaned during the HVAC cleaning process?

Great question!

Your duct cleaning company of choice will thoroughly clean your intake, supply and return ducts. The entire HVAC system throughout your home gets cleaned: this includes the motors, fans, registers, grilles, coils, air handler, and housings. A combination of special brushes, vacuums, and blowers are used during the cleaning.

When should I consider having my HVAC system cleaned?

Visible signs that it’s probably time for a cleaning:

- Your return register grilles have visible dust gathering on them

- You see pet hair or dust getting trapped in your vents

- You smell offensive odors coming from your heating & cooling system

These are signals that an environment where mold, allergens, bacteria and dust mites has been created. When pet dander and/or dead hair/skin get attached to dust, an unhealthy environment for breathing exists in your home.

Keep in mind there are sections of your heating and cooling system that are not easily visible. It’s hard to know whether you have an unseen problem.

The final health issue to watch out for is any sign of mold growing on any sections of your HVAC system.

Potential dangers caused by a dirty HVAC system

When dust and dirt keep your system from running efficiently, your home won’t get cooled properly in the summer or heated correctly during the winter. In both cases, your heating and cooling system uses more energy as the run time increases to overcompensate.

This process creates more wear and tear on the system. Burners, AC compressors, motor bearings, etc have to work overtime to get the job done. Proper circulation is affected when air filters are dust clogged or the blower fan isn’t able to function optimally. Again, all of this adds up to increased energy waste and a system that will wear out sooner than it should.

If you see any of the above mentioned signals that it’s time for a HVAC cleaning, don’t wait. Getting your heating and cooling system cleaned means your family benefits from improved air, you save on energy and fuel, and the lifetime of your overall system is increased.

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