Preparing Your Home for Winter

Preparing your home for winter can be a difficult task for some. Fortunate for us in Sonoma County, we're currently enjoying an unseasonably pleasant fall, but winter will be here before you know it. Taking care of your home HVAC is going to be a priority, but as you'll see, there's much more that should be done.

Even though the temperatures are pleasant now, do not let that fool you into thinking winter will be mild. Instead, take advantage of this nice weather and use it to prepare your home for the upcoming winter by taking the following actions.

Clean your gutters

Taking a little time now to clean your gutters can save you a huge headache later. If the leaves and other debris that have built up in your gutter over the summer and fall are not removed, they can cause the gutters to clog and not work properly. Water from rain and melted snow will have nowhere to drain, so it will seep into the house, causing water damage. Simply, clearing out the gutters, can prevent a major disaster in the winter.

Have your furnace inspected

This is the perfect time to have your furnace inspected. If there is something wrong with your heater, it is better to discover it in the fall when you do not need it than in the winter when it could be dangerous to be without it. Also, once winter hits, make sure you change your filter regularly.

Check your air ducts

It is easy to forget about your air ducts since you don’t see them. However, if they do not work properly, it can result in a drafty home and higher energy costs. Properly insulating your air ducts can help to ensure they are working properly will help to keep your home energy efficient.

Clean your garage

Although this may seem like an odd way to prepare for winter, it is truly an important one. While the weather is still pleasant, take an afternoon and organize your garage. If you have summer projects you were working on, move them to the back of the garage where they are out of the way. Do the same with seasonal equipment like the lawnmower and hedge clippers.  Then, bring your winter supplies such as shovels, snow blower, skis, and salt bags to the front of the garage so they can be accessed easily when you need them.

Prepare your outdoor lighting

Having the outside of your home properly illuminated is important for the safety of your family and guests. Now that daylight saving time has come and gone, you will need to rely on your outdoor lighting for more hours during the day. Now is the time to change your outdoor lights so you will not need to worry about it all season long. Be sure to choose energy-efficient bulbs such as CFLs or LEDs that can withstand the snow and rain.

Taking these steps now will help you get your home ready for winter before the cold weather hits. If you need assistance with checking your air ducts or if you are ready for a furnace inspection, contact Sonoma County Comfort Heating and Air Conditioning today. When the cold weather arrives, you will be glad you did.


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