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7 Air Conditioner Tips to Beat the Heat

Summertime means one thing: heat. This translates into a lot of leg work for your home air conditioning system. If you’re trying to save energy and cut down on your cooling costs, consider the following air conditioning tips to beat the heat. Change Filters Regularly  Your air filters can get grungy and make it more…
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5 Tips for Annual Air Conditioner Maintenance

A well-maintained air conditioner unit cools more efficiently, which ensures that your home will stay at a comfortable temperature all Summer long and that your utility bills won’t be outrageously pricey. Follow these 5 tips for annual air conditioner maintenance and you’ll be good to go. Clean Your Condenser Fan Your condenser fan - the fan that’s in…
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Why your home needs a heating and cooling system

Heating and cooling systems (HVAC) for the home are hardly a new technology. Most new homes are built standard with an included HVAC system and home buyers have come to expect this amenity when they’re looking to move. But if you live in a newer home or have for some reason chosen not to add a…
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